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LaRecipe: Gorgeous documentations inside Laravel projects

Whether you agree or not, the hardest part of building a software project is writing its documentation. How many times did you ask yourself this question "Where should I put my docs? Github wiki? README? oh no!".

We at Binary Torch faced a really painful problem with tracking our client's projects' updates and share them with our developers. The story began by using multiple software services for multiple purposes, including software documentation, tasks management, API documentation and versioning, UI design specs and so on. Clearly, you can see the list never ends and it was really hard to encourage our developers to use all these services together.

For that, we decided to start working on an easy-to-use tool to merge all our needs in one place and the story begun by naming our new repo "LaRecipe".

LaRecipe (Laravel + Recipe) is simply a code-driven package provides an easy way to create beautiful documentation with rich functionalities so that can be used for many purposes including writing API documentation and versioning, users stories and UI specs and tasks management.

We make it easy to set up in less than one minute! don't believe? try it now :D

composer require binarytorch/larecipe

Then, run the install command to publish the needed assets and configurations.

php artisan larecipe:install

You see, that's simple but now let's talk specs!

LaRecipe comes with a really rich config file that you can control everything, including your docs path, published versions, caching and so on. Refer back to LaRecipe config file: config/larecipe.php.

The default docs structure assumed to be in resources/docs and if you run the install command a new directory will be added automatically:

├─ config
│  └─ larecipe.php
└─ resources
   └─ docs
      │─ 1.0
      │  │─
      │  └─
      └─ 2.0

Moreover, you can control the published versions of your documentation that users can view and the default version to be redirected to if your users visit the root route of your docs without specifying the intended page.

return [
    'versions'      => [
        'default'   => '1.0',
        'published' => [

Last but not least, LaRecipe provides a bunch of amazing looking UI Vue based components due to the fact it compiles the markdown documentation in the back-end to HTML. You can see all the available Vue components including cards, buttons alerts and more!

You can learn more about LaRecipe by reading through its documentation. The source code is also available at saleem-hadad/larecipe on GitHub. All PRs are welcomed as well ;)